Completed: Carolyn Pajamas, take 3

image of floral cotton Carolyn Pajamas pattern by Closet Case Patterns

Hi guys!  I’ve been a bit absent recently, in all senses if I’m honest.  Every year Christmas seems to creep up stealthily and then just suddenly be NOW, and I’m never prepared…  I’m off work today with some kind of horrible cold/cough/general shakiness, which I put down to trying to fit 36 hours worth of stuff into a regular 24 hour day.  Add that to trying to navigate the world of setting-up-a-proper-website and I’ve basically checked out.  Still, as always, I love to over-commit, which is why I agreed to make another set of Carolyn Pajamas, this time for a colleague to gift.

I made life easy on myself and chose a cotton poplin from Minerva Crafts.  The print is really beautiful, although if I’m honest the fabric isn’t really £9/m quality.  It is, however, nice and stable – after the Liberty silk set, sewing these felt like I could have done it with my eyes closed!  There’s something very comforting about going back to a pattern you know is going to turn out awesome.

close up image of Carolyn pajama collar and pocket

I made my own piping again, from pink poplin and #1 piping cord.  If I’m honest, I haven’t really got much to add about this pattern now – it’s beautifully drafted and explained, and I’ve never had to do any extra research on techniques, everything is included in the pattern or on the Closet Case Files blog.

In other news, I’m still wrestling with technical issues, but I hope I’ve done enough for now to keep things trundling along gently while I sort them out…  I’m going to stop worrying about it for now and go back on the attack in the new year.  Speaking of which, there’s all that Christmas prep to get back to, after I’ve gone back to bed for a bit…  So maybe tomorrow then.

It’s unlikely I’l be back here before the new year, so until then I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and see you in 2017!

Take care of yourselves,



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